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Bass Fishing Gear Essentials For The Bass Fisherman

bass fishing at night

As with any other fishing activity, bass fishing requires one to have the fishing rod, reels, the fishing line and lures or baits. When it comes to bass fishing, the equipment you have could make the difference between a good catch and none at all. You need to have the right gear if you are to have fun fishing for your favorite fish.

After all, fishing is no fun if you do not catch any fish. What is the right bass fishing gear? Here we look at what you should buy from the bait to the rod!

Today, we look at each of these and tell you which is the best for bass fishing.

#1. Bass Fishing Lures and Baits

Bass fishing lures are available in various sizes and shapes. You need to have the right lure if you are to catch any bass and because the right choice differs from one fishing area to the other, it is important to have a variety.

From crankbaits that look like minnows swimming to the topwater lures that twitch like the prey bass feeds on to the spinner baits that look like wounded water animals that bass love, with the right baits you will catch some bass.

The topwater lures are perfect for areas with floating vegetation while the crankbaits are perfect for shallow waters.

Also include a stick lure like the BioSpawn ExoStick Pro and bass will be interested.

With the right gear you can now get in there and do some serious bass fishing. Happy fishing everyone!

#2. Bass Fishing Reels

This is attached to the fishing rod and is used to control the line. There are various kinds of reels with the most common one being the spinning reel.

This is easy to use and their spool is outside the reel which makes it easy to spool a new line or remove a line twist. Another type of reel is the spin cast reel which has a covered spool that protects from line tangling and is super easy to use.

However, it only casts within a short distance. The spinning and spin cast reels are perfect for beginners and intermediate bass fishers because of their ease of use.

The experts need the baitcasting reels which can cast accurately and have large casting distances. The speed of the spool can be controlled and so can the casting distance.

This reel is powerful enough to allow strong retrievals and tackle handling. When choosing the reel to use, ensure that it matches with the rod you have.

#3. Bass Fishing Rods

There is no fishing rod that is specifically meant for bass fishing but you can find one that is perfect for catching bass. There are many kinds of rods that are ideal for bass fishing under different circumstances.

For instance, the spinning rods are very easy to use and are versatile while casting rods are powerful. For this reason, the latter is ideal for fishing in weeds or stumps and for use with heavy fishing lines.

A good fishing rod that has been a traditional choice for bass fishermen is the Abu Garcia Villain 2.0 casting rod. Used with the baitcasting reel, this rod acts fast and is solid enough to hold even the largest bass.

This rod is available in various sizes so every angler can find one that they can use comfortably. Remember that size is the most important consideration when it comes to buying a rod.

When it comes to bass fishing gear, the fish rod is an essential!

#4. Bass Fishing Line

A very underrated component when it comes to bass fishing gear: This is what will support the fish weight when you catch and so it needs to be strong. That said, there are several options with the commonest being the monofilament.

This line stretches the most and hence absorbs shock from the big bass and does not slip easily. The recommended monofilament test line for bass is 6-12 lb. The other option is the fused or braided line which does not stretch at all.

To avoid it slipping, one has to use a Palomar knot. This kind of line is thin and hence allows great capacity on spool. The recommended test line is 15-50 lb.

The last option is the fluorocarbon fishing line which is invisible in water. This makes it perfect for luring bass. The recommended fluorocarbon test line is 8-20 lb.