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Top 5 Fishing Kayaks!


Are you one of those fishing enthusiasts who’s stuck to the conviction that kayak fishing is strictly for professionals and that no newbie should attempt it? Then you’re dead wrong! If you’re terrified by the thought of fishing from a solid fishing kayak, you need to know that it’s a lot easier and safer and that kayak manufacturers have worked hard to allay your fears. Most kayaks are comfortable and stable and come completely laden with anchor systems, fishing rod holders and even tackle hatches. What more could a new fisherman possibly hope for?

Kayak fishing is one of the hottest trends in sports fishing and more and more people are embracing it. From experienced grandpas to teenagers. Whether you’re a seasoned fisherman embarking on a kayak to explore new frontiers and catch that elusive tuna, a fun-loving kayaker seeking new thrills in fishing from a plastic vessel, or a professional fisherman who values kayak fishing as a reliable source of income, there’s bound to be something for just about everyone.

Today on Fish The Leader, we are discussing¬†5 of the best kayaks for fishing you’re likely to come across:

1. Sport Fisher

This is one of the original and popular fishing kayaks. It is manufactured with comfort and ease in mind, and it’s well priced. Its tunnel hull will allow you to fish while standing up or sitting side-saddle without risk of tipping over. This gives you freedom to fish at your choice and not what the boat dictates. It comfortably accommodates people of all sizes and comes with foot rests. You can go fishing solo or invite up to three fishermen. The ergonomic seats are placed high on the floor thus making it easier for you to remain dry throughout the fishing excursion.

sports fisher

2. The Bali SS12

This kayak model is the perfect choice for both experienced and new kayakers. It’s appropriately labeled the Sit On Top Model, but the reality is the seating area is lowered and is close to the bottom of the hull. The lowered center gives the Bali SS12 stability, and this enables the fisherman to stand without fear of flipping over into the water. This balance allows the fisherman to go long distances and fish the entire day without getting fatigue experienced from less stable kayaks.

The design makes it hard to flip over, and you can control it with ease in case of an accident. The Bali SS12 also features an adjustable backrest together with footrests designed to improve comfort while seat fishing or paddling.

bali ss12

3. Old Town Heron 9

The Heron 9 Angler Kayak is a sporty smooth-to-paddle kayak that will maneuver correctly and venture into the widest expanse of a lake or sea water. It is an affordable choice for solo fishermen, who seek a compact, lightweight kayak outfitted for cruising and fishing calm waters.

old town kayak

4. FeelFree Moken

No cost was spared when making the FeelFree Moken Kayak. It brims with features that most fishermen crave for, like speed and stability to conquer larger lakes and coastal waters. The Moken is a fishing craft built with the comforts that the most discerning fisherman would pay for. You’ll have to put your best inflatable kayak away for the day to fish with this baby.

feelfree moken

5. The Escape 12

This is a kayak designed for the most serious anglers, and a quick examination will show you why it’s such a good choice. The outstanding features include an adjustable foot brace, sit on top outfitting, a pilot rudder system, an anchor trolley system, and an integrated console with a cup holder among many others.

escape 12


In conclusion, all these five kayaks are super solid for recreation or fishing purposes.  You can walk into a store and buy these or order them online.  Of course, if you are looking for a tandem kayak, you can check out 2 person kayaks here.