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10 Best Fishing Rods Any Fisherman Should Have In Their Collection!

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Many people around the world enjoy fishing. Some do it professionally and are known as anglers, while others fish as a fun hobby.

On the whole, the act of casting your line and emerging with a freshly caught fish is exhilarating and satisfying.

To accomplish this successfully, you need to use the right equipment. You need to have a high quality, capable fishing rod that has all the components which are required for successful fishing.

Top 10 Fishing Rods On The Market Today:

There are two main types of fishing rods…saltwater and the freshwater. Here are the 10 best fishing rods available on the market:

#1. Fenwick Silverhawk II Casting Rod

The Fenwick Silverhawk II (aka Fenwick Silverhawk 2) makes our best fishing rods list because of its features; it features a number of design upgrades and components. It is constructed out of graphite blanks of a high-modulus nature which maximizes its balance and flexibility.

Moreover, this Fenwick Silverhawk casting rod contains high quality Fuji and Alconite inserts that are located in frames made of stainless steel. They work to maximize the reduction of friction for casts so as to perform retrieves that will be effortlessly smooth.

The Fenwick Silverhawk II has a reel seat from Sea Guide and features a split-grip cork as well as a TAC handle. This maximizes comfort over long periods of fishing. To store your lures conveniently, this fishing rod comes with a worm-style hook keeper.

#2. Shakespeare Ugly Stik Bigwater Rod

Shakespeare is a well known brand in the field of best fishing rods. Their latest offering is the Shakespeare Ugly Stik Bigwater fishing rod which has Ugly Tuff guides designed for saltwater and a new look.

The Shakespeare Ugly Stik Bigwater fishing rod has a clear tip design, stainless steel guides, regular reel seat and EVA handles. There are 10 surf rods, 2 fly, 2 stand up and 4 downrigger rods in this model of Shakespeare fishing rods.

#3. 13 Fishing Muse Black Fishing Rod

13 Fishing is a well known brand which produces some of the highest quality fishing rods in the world. They have a model known as the Muse Black.

This rod is a high-end stick which can be used by anglers with various levels of experience, and provides a high quality experience at an affordable price.

The 13 Fishing Muse Black rod is constructed out of very light, high strength graphite blanks. It features an ergonomic EVA foam grip and a reel seat made of Evolve Airfoil Carbon, whick makes this a superb fishing rod.

#4. Pacemaker Rod

This is a high end fishing rod from Edge Rods, and was created with specific assistance from Bassmaster Classic champion Cliff Pace. This rod is light, comfortable and highly responsive. It has components that are top of the line such as titanium guides, zirconium inserts and a reel seat from ALPS. There are 6 casting and 1 spinning rod in this series. They are ideal for drop-shotting, cranking and structure fishing too.

#5. The Mojo Jig Rod

#5 on our best fishing rods list is a versatile fishing rod from the reputable company St. Croix. The Mojo Jig rod is strong and durable enough to hoist heavy fish and is also ideal for performing the action necessary to entice strikes. These rods are made out of lightweight SCII graphite blanks, the reel seat is from Fuji, and it has EVA handles coupled with Seaguide guidance features. There are 4 conventional and 4 spinning Mojo Jig rods.

#6. Denali Kovert Lite Fishing Rod

This is a new fishing rod which has a very sleek design and is 25% lighter than the average rod. This prevents you from getting fatigued and results in more fishing effort and better catches. The Kovert Lite uses Interloc Blank technology, which maintains rod sensitivity and performance. It is fitted wth a custom made EVA handle and is one of the best fishing rods. There are 3 spinning and 11 casting Denali Kovert Lite rods available today.

#7. Gloomis GLX Rod

This brand of fishing rods has been recognized as the top bass fishing rod in the world. The new Gloomis GLX rod is 20% lighter than previous models and features a brand new handle design. The guide system for this rod is constructed out of Fuji K frames combined with SiC rings. It is also covered in a coating which prevents corrosion. There are 15 spinning and 20 casting Gloomis GLX fishing rods available this year.

#8. St. Croix Legend Glass Rod

Many fishing rods today are made entirely out of graphite. However, the Legend Glass rod is made of fiberglass and is heavier than the average graphite rod. Thus, it allows you to apply moderate pressure as you fish to make a winning catch.

This St. Croix fishing rod is made of a combination of IPC technology and premium S-glass. If you enjoy crankbait fishing, this is the rod to invest in. There are 4 rods in this series.

#9. Okuma Cortez Fishing Rod

The Okuma Cortez fishing rod series has been expanded to include a total of 11 new models. 4 are for trolling, 5 are for casting and 2 are for spinning. The trolling rods have HD frames for guidance and slick design butts. All the models of the Okuma Cortez have medium power and medium-heavy power ratings.

#10. Star Plasma Rod

The Star Plasma fishing rod is powerful yet light enough for daily fishing and is made of high-modulus graphite blanks. This rod has a Duratech butt weave designed by Star Plasma. It comes with components such as Fuji guides which are heavy duty, rings made of silicon-carbide, a reel seat made of Stuart aluminum, powerButts made of carbon, and aluminum gimbals.