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Preparing Your Fishing Kayak For Your Fishing Trip


fishing trip in fishing kayak!

So, you’ve got a day planned for fishing and not just fishing from a pier or the beach, but rather, you’re going on a fishing kayak to catch some sweet bass.

Well, what should you pack on that trip?  That’s what today’s article is about. For fishing rods information, check out our dedicated page.

Here’s everything you need to preparing your fishing kayak for your fishing trip:

Fishing Electronics

You may outfit your kayak with many essential angling electronics. If you intend to venture offshore, then a GPS device is a must-have as it will help you safely navigate foggy or low-light conditions. They are also important in the storage of the coordinates of favorite fishing spots. You can procure a watertight, portable GPS unit.

The next most important fishing electronic is a fish finder. Many fishing kayaks feature a console spot for a tiny mount.

Don’t forget a VHF radio that is portable and waterproof if you intend to venture offshore. Go for a durable model featuring an excellent waterproof seal.

Lastly, carry portable navigation lights. They will come in handy during low-light times.

Kayak Storage

Most people fret that the storage space in a kayak is limited. However, if you are creative enough, you’ll find the real estate on a kayak too much.

The first tip is to employ dry bags and fasten them on the kayak using bungee cords so as to keep your items dry. You may also pack gear in the stern and bow hatches. If there are any fragile items, as there are bound to be, store them in hard-plastic watertight containers.

Another ingenious way of increasing storage space on a kayak is the use of kayak deck bags. These bags feature many pockets as well as compartments to help in storing your tackle as well as gear. They can easily mount on your kayak using bungee cords.

The other options you have include kayak utility packs, small fanny packs, and soft coolers.

Rod Holders

Rod holders are extremely important when kayak fishing, especially since you cannot hold the fishing pole while you paddle. Most kayak fishermen usually have a rod holder or two in front of their kayak. Use detachable holders that will allow you to detach them when they aren’t in use or when in transport.

While it is important to mount the holders within reach, take care not to mount them too close to interfere with landing fish and paddling.

Tackle Trays

Most kayak cockpits feature spots to keep trays. Therefore, it is crucial to buy different types of tackle trays that will help in holding fishing tackle. You may also take tiny trays in your cargo pant pockets or vest.

When purchasing the tackle trays, go for watertight models that will protect the baits from moisture which may cause it to rust.

Anchor System

A kayak anchor system helps to control boat position during windy conditions or turbulent waters. Therefore, it is an essential fishing accessory that you ought to have in your kayak before venturing into the potentially turbulent waters offshore.

Safety and First Aid Kit

At the very minimum, you need to carry a whistle, a signal mirror, throw rope, bilge pump, sponge or bail, flashlight, etc. The kit must be in the kayak at all times to help you in a case of any emergency.

Fishing Tools

You ought to outfit your kayak with fishing tools such as a forceps, hook file, scissors and a clipper. A plier will help you to remove hooks from the quarry quickly. Fishing nets and devices like a grip master or a Boga Grip will assist when you need to land fish from the kayak.

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