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The Ultimate Fishing Trip Checklist!

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Forget your fishing gear at home?  That ONE thing that you really needed?  Well, print out the following checklist and you will NEVER forget any essential fishing gear at home!

Here we go:

1. Fishing Gear/Items

  • Primary Rods & Reels: You should also take backup rods and reels with you. For the best fishing rods list, check out our article here.
  • Bait: Remember to take it out of the freezer beforehand.
  • Extra Line: Just in case.
  • Fish Cleaning as Well as Packaging Materials: You will need to have a fish cleaning knife.
  • Pliers With Nippers: Just in case you will have to cut a hook.
  • Waders: As well as wader repair kit and wading stick.
  • Weights: Don’t forget this.


2. Essential Clothing Items

  • Great Rain Gear: This is very important and not a poncho, those fly apart any time without warning. You could look for Gortex or Frog togs at least.
  • Water Proof Footwear: You can take over shoes or rubber boots because wet feet will make your fishing trip a nightmare.
  • Warm Socks: You can bring these just in case it gets cold.
  • Toque & Peak Hat: For keeping the sun of your head or keeping you warm as well.
  • Personal Clothing: These can be pants, shirts and underwear for a change. Regardless of the time of year, always carry warm clothes.
  • A Warm Coat: One that will fit under the rain coat when its gets chilly.
  • Shorts: Just in case it is summer and the days are gorgeous.
  • Gloves or Mittens: Also to keep you warm although with the mittens, it could be hard to reel in the fish.


3. Miscellaneous Camping Gear

  • Flash Light: Always good to have one.
  • Ziploc Bag: This is where you store your electronics like camera, batteries, flashlight and you can put your socks in there for added protection.
  • Deck of Cards: You probably won’t be fishing all the time.
  • Extra Batteries: For the flashlight and other electronic devices.
  • Paper Plates: If you have to do dishes.
  • Paper Towels: To dry your fish.
  • Optional: You could also take along a barometer, an extra pillow and fish batter.


4. Boat Gear

  • Life Jacket: Approved
  • Dry Bag: To store your rain gear and other devices in the boat.
  • First Aid Kit: Just in case and take medication with you as well.
  • Matches or Lighter: If you want to cook at the shore.
  • Sun Block: Do not forget this one.
  • Water: For hydration.
  • Multi-Tool: You never really know when you need it.
  • Portable Rod Holders: To help land in the fish.
  • Polarized Sunglasses: Will really help.
  • Bug Jacket: Or you will be the bait.
  • GPS: Will come in handy.
  • Thermos: For some hot liquid on a cold day.
  • Dry Box: For all the important things because it floats.
  • Fire Extinguisher: If the boat has a built in fuel tank.
  • Peeless Whistle: This is a must have.
  • Bailing Bucket: You could also get a safety kit.
  • Insurance & Registration Papers: If you have your own boat.
  • Paddles: Must have as well.
  • Towels: You are bound to get wet.
  • Tape Measure: To measure your great catch.


5. Personal Care Items

  • Hygiene Products: Like your personal bathing soap and lotions.
  • Medication: In two different locations.
  • Proper Identification: Take your IDs if you have younger children with you.


6. Extras

  • Optional: Mosquito coils, towel and face clothes as well as a sleeping bag if you want to camp outside of cabins.

If we have forgotten an essential fishing gear item off this checklist, please contact us so we can update it. Packed up? Off you go!


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