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My Neighbor’s Pond


I’m a fishing enthusiast and when an opportunity pops up, I quickly grab it. I own a mountain of gear which makes it difficult when I go fishing while on vacation. Sometimes I do it on weekends if I’m not too busy. I have friends with similar hobbies and we usually have such a great time. We go to rivers, lakes, and sometimes ponds to fish.

Last weekend I was all alone with no one in the house. My friends were all unavailable and I was bored, so I decided to take my fishing line and do something interesting. I wasn’t in the mood to drive far so I started to think of my options. There’s this old couple that lives several blocks away. They have a pretty large garden and a huge pond with lots of fish! I know because I have been there before, twice. They are so friendly and talkative and when they urge you to stay to dinner, you won’t feel like leaving. They are soft spoken and overly generous. And so I thought to myself, ‘why not visit them and maybe they will let me use their pond to fish?’.


So I took my backpack and went down the road. It isn’t a long distance away. In less than twenty minutes I was there, calling at the gate. They usually have someone helping them to tend the flower garden. The guy opened the gate and gestured me to move on, pointing to where the couple were seated, enjoying the breeze.

I did the job perfectly and it took me around 30 minutes to finish. The couple loved it and said I was the nicest young man they had ever known. Of course I was happy with the flattery and I knew they were sincere. I returned the lawn mower and prepared for my next activity. It was so easy to use, I plan to look up electric lawn mower reviews for my own yard when I get home.

nice yard

I asked them if I could please use their pond to fish. To equip myself with the best fishing rod, I read this article first.

In their delightful mood, they were more than willing to let me and they even decided to accompany me. They had their own fishing equipment to gather and then we set out for the pond.

We had a nice time with lots of laughter. The weather was nice and sunny, not a cloud in the sky. I caught some really big fish! They laughed so hard and said how skilled I was, that I should become a professional fisherman. They told me stories, mostly about their past, which I enjoyed a lot. We only left when the sun started to set and it was getting chilly. We went indoors and had some coffee. I complimented their generosity and they said I was welcome to come back any time to do fishing at the same pond.

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