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Snorkeling With Leopard Sharks!


I’m always fishing on my angler kayak, but I wanted to do something different last weekend. I love the ocean, so that’s where I wanted to be, and I found that does a lot more than rent kayaks.

They also do tours in different areas like snorkeling, swimming with leopard sharks (they don’t hurt humans), whale watching, all kinds of stuff!

renting a kayak

I decided that since I never saw a shark in the wild and was scared to encounter one (and was always afraid of that when I went fishing), I thought I should just face my fears. And plus, it’s not like they are truly dangerous sharks anyway.

So I took a ride over there to see if it would be too crowded, since it was the weekend, but it wasn’t too bad. Just went with kayak rental San Diego. It’s always good to be in a group to get help easily if you need it.

I had to rent the snorkeling gear because it was not normally what I do. In fact, that was my first time and I had to learn the basics. After that it was pretty easy to do, but I still had to put something on my nose so no water went up there. I guess some people can control that, but I can’t. So I joined the group, greeted a few of them, and then we started toward the water.

shark on bottom

I have to say that that was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done in my life! To see a shark close up, while you’re swimming with them, is really a blessed feeling. I can’t even describe what I felt, but I’m so glad I threw myself into it! Here at Fish The Leader, we appreciate such opportunities!

That’s what you have to do sometimes, just hurl yourself toward something scary and even a little dangerous, to experience all life has to offer, in whatever way you possibly can. What an amazing experience. I’m going on one of their other tours next week!