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Top 4 Trout Fishing Tips!


While fishing has been there since time immemorial, the activity is not only used by people to get a meal today, but also recreation. Of all the fish found in the lakes, trouts are among the most popular game fish thanks to their prowess and ability to master their environment.

If you have tried to catch trout before then you know that catching them requires a certain amount of skill that takes some time to develop. While it may take lots of trial and error to fully develop these skills, you can cut down the learning curve by equipping yourself with some few trout fishing tips.

If you are a beginner and new to fishing, below are some of the top trout fishing tips.

1. Fish Near Drop-offs and Ledges

knots when catching fish

Knowing where to find trout fish is the most important tip you need to know. Even if you were to follow all the other tips carefully, you will never catch anything if you don’t know where to start from.

If you really want to have a memorable catch, you should consider fishing near natural drop-offs and ledges. Trout love being near natural drop-offs and ledges because the water around these features tends to be much cooler and deeper and cooler.

2. Use Depth Finders

To make your whole fishing activity much easier, you should consider mapping the swimming patterns of trout. This is where depth finders come into play. Using depth finders should not be considered as cheating, but rather a tool for helping you plan your excursion.

Since your ability to catch lake trout is dependent on your ability to find what depth they are in, you should not hesitate investing in a depth finder.

3. Work With Bright Jerkbaits

Trout have very good eyesight and often react quickly to bright colors and motions. Since many trouts prefer living in the much darker areas of the water, it is more than important to use much brighter jerkbaits.

You can choose either blue, orange, chartreuse, silver, or pink jerkbaits to ensure that your lure is clearly visible regardless of whatever depth it is.

4. Choose Lures That Mimics Native Bait-fish

trout fishing lures

Picking the best trout lure is very important when it comes to trout fishing. Using the wrong type of lure can make you miss several opportunities while a good one will give you optimal performance.

When fishing for larger trout, it is advisable to choose a lure that mimics native baitfish. This will help catch the attention of the fish since trouts often feed on a wide variety of different native species. You should also use a light-action rod which will allows you to employ a number of techniques when fishing for trout.